Program Overview


Soylent Rewards is back in a big way!

And we’re keeping things simple for our consumer base: 

  1. Shop and engage with Soylent
  2. Earn points
  3. Get rewarded

Yep, it’s that easy!

Soylent Rewards Tiers





Free to Join

Spend $500.00 or more within a 12-month period

Follow us on social

Sign up for our email list

Refer a Friend: Give $10, Get $10, Donate 10 Meals

3% cashback on eligible purchases


Exclusive discounts


How do I qualify and start earning points?

Soylent Rewards requires no purchase to join and start earning points! Our Start-Up tier has a variety of ways for you to earn points, including our friend referral program that lets you give $10 off to a friend, get $10 worth of points, and donate 10 meals to those in need.

As of August 10, 2021, Soylent customers who spend $500 or more on Soylent products online will automatically be moved into our Essential Tier and start receiving 3% cashback and access to exclusive discounts. 

NOTE: Customers must meet a minimum spend requirement of $500 beginning on or after our program launch date in order to qualify for our 3% cashback reward.

What does this mean?

Customers who have met the minimum spend requirement will start earning 30 points automatically for every dollar spent on or In other words, we want to give you $3 back for every $100 you spend with us online!

Rewards points will also be eligible on all qualifying purchases made -- whether you are a lifelong subscriber or just placing an order every now and again. The more you shop Soylent, the more points you collect!

Are there other ways to earn rewards points?

Points can also be awarded or collected for completing additional activities below:



Create an account with us!

250 points

Sign up for our mailing list

250 points

Follow us on Twitter

250 points

Follow us on Facebook

250 points

Follow us on Instagram

250 points

What rewards can I redeem?

Once you’ve collected enough points, redeem them at any time by unlocking one or more eligible Soylent Rewards below:

Points Accrued:


5,000 points

$5.00 OFF

10,000 points

$10.00 OFF

15,000 points

$15.00 OFF

Refer A Friend

Referrals are a great way to engage with the Soylent community and help further our mission of affordable access to healthy, complete nutrition!

Help us spread the word, find some new Soylent enthusiasts, and get rewarded in the process!

Give $10, Get $10, Give 10 Meals

Give $10 coupon, get 10,000 points (a $10 value), donate 10 meals

Rules & Restrictions

  • Points cannot be returned or reversed once a reward has been claimed
  • Rewarded promotions or codes cannot be combined (limit promo 1 per transaction)
  • Point accruals and balances can take up to 14 days for approval or refresh
  • Point accruals and balances will expire after 12 months of no use
  • Friend referral discounts aren't applicable on merchandise or subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my points expire?

Yes, points will expire 12 months after your last order date.

How do I redeem my points?

Visit your Soylent Rewards portal to redeem your points. (Click here for the Soylent Rewards Canada portal.) Your available rewards will appear under the “Rewards” Section. Once you click “Get reward”, your voucher will be redeemed and will provide you with a code to apply at checkout to redeem your offer.

How do I check my reward points balance?

Visit your Soylent Rewards portal to check your points balance, as well as rewards and history. (Click here for the Soylent Rewards Canada portal.)

Where are my points from the previous rewards and referral program?

This is a completely new program with a clean slate. Any points from our previous program will not be transferred.

Can I redeem or merge my old rewards points to the present?

This is a completely new program with a clean slate. Any points from our previous program will not be transferred.

Can I apply loyalty rewards to my subscription?

Yes! You can redeem your rewards and apply them to a new or existing subscription. Be sure to redeem the reward that specifies “$X off your next subscription order”.

If you are applying your reward to a new subscription, you will enter the voucher code at checkout, and your first order will have the discount applied. 

If you are applying your reward to an existing subscription, log into your Customer Portal and go to Manage Subscriptions. Scroll to the subscription you want to apply the discount to and click “Add Discount”. Enter your voucher code and click “Apply”. Your next order will have the discount applied.

How can I refer a friend and get points?

To refer a friend, navigate to your Soylent Rewards portal. (Click here for the Soylent Rewards Canada portal.) Under “Earn points”, select “Refer friends”. You will then be provided with a unique link, which you can share with your friends. This link will allow us to track your referrals and properly reward you. Once your friend clicks the link, they will be given a one-time-only voucher code that they can apply at checkout. This voucher code is not applicable on merchandise or subscriptions.

Note: In order to apply the discount and receive the reward, your friend must spend over $30 and have never purchased from or before.

I referred a friend but never received the code. What do I do?

Uh-oh! This might be a glitch in our system. Give us a shout at and we will take a look.

Note: Your friend must make a purchase and use your provided voucher code at checkout in order for the referral to be successful. We only award points if the new customer's first order is equal to or over $30.

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you want!

Are there exclusions with the referral code?

Yes, the code is not eligible on merchandise or subscriptions and cannot be combined with other discounts.