Expiration and shelf-life

All products are marked with either an expiration date (EXP month/year), best by date (BEST BY month/day/year) or manufacturing date (MFG month/year). Our warehouses practice a first in/first out product rotation, so shelf life of received products can vary depending on warehouse location and available stock. It is our policy that no consumer will receive product with less than a 2-month shelf-life. Please note these terms may not apply for Amazon orders. 

The shelf life of Soylent products reflects the optimum nutrition they contain. A year after production, the vitamin blend begins to lose its potency. It is due to this loss in nutrition that we recommend consuming your Soylent before a year has passed.

If you notice that the flavor of your Soylent changes between packages, this is an indication that the product is beyond its shelf life and should be disposed of.

How to store your Soylent

We recommend storing Soylent in a cool, dry place:

  • Prepared Soylent Powder must be refrigerated (40 degrees Fahrenheit or below) and consumed within 48 hours.
  • Opened bottles of Soylent Drink and Coffiest must be kept refrigerated (40 degrees Fahrenheit or below) and consumed within 72 hours.
  • Opened Soylent Bars should be repackaged in a sealed container and stored dry.