Ingredient name: Caffeine

Chemical formula: C8H10N4O2

Food and Drug Administration Recommended Daily Intake: up to 400 mg/day

Quantity of Caffeine included in one bottle of Coffiest: approximately 150 mg

Nutrition Role:

A crystalline compound produced for its pesticidal properties by a number of plant species as a deterrent to predators, caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant when ingested by humans. It is both fat- and water-soluble, and its consumption in a variety of preparations is widespread, with records of deliberate usage for its psychoactive effects dating back centuries.

In addition to enhancing athletic performance and endurance, caffeine reduces feelings of sleepiness and improves concentration. Effective dosage is determined by the user’s physiology and tolerance, and can vary enormously among a population.

Caffeine’s stimulant properties are expressed through multiple mechanisms of action, but the bulk of its activity takes place through its antagonist effect on certain neurotransmitter receptors. It binds to and obstructs the receptors for adenosine, a neurotransmitter which accumulates in the brain during periods of wakefulness, and prevents the buildup from reaching and activating these receptors. Without caffeine’s interference in this process, the activated receptors react by suppressing the central nervous system, a response experienced by the user as the sensation of drowsiness.

In addition to delaying the onset of sleepiness, the lowered adenosine activity in caffeine’s presence encourages the release of other neurotransmitters with more stimulating effects. When caffeine is consumed in combination with L-theanine, another Coffiest ingredient, the two compounds trigger a synergistic response, further enhancing both cognitive performance and mood.

Reason this form chosen:

The caffeine in Coffiest is contributed by the seed of the arabica coffee plant, originally native to Ethiopia and Yemen but now widely cultivated in tropical latitudes around the world. Extract of arabica coffee is converted to powder form by spray drying, then incorporated into the Coffiest formula.