Soylent contains a very small amount of the sweetener Sucralose. 

Soylent Powder 1.5 contains 15 mg of Sucralose per pouch, Soylent Powder 1.6 contains 23 mg, and Soylent Drink contains 3.36 mg per bottle. This means that one full pouch of Soylent contains less than a quarter of the amount of Sucralose found in a typical diet soda. 

We use a minuscule amount of this sweetener not to make Soylent sweet but rather to mask the flavor of the vitamin mix and provide a complete taste profile. This allows for a very neutral flavor, which makes it easy to customize the flavor of your Soylent with fruits, berries or other mixtures.

For more information on Sucralose, please visit the following resources:

The National Cancer Institute

The Food and Drug Administration