Subscription Information

How your Soylent subscription works

Once you’ve setup your subscription you will begin to receive your order once a month. Your case of Soylent will ship on the same day, every month, that you started the subscription. You can adjust how much or little Soylent you wish to have shipped to your home each month.

You can also order a single order of Soylent by unchecking the subscribe button on the product page before you add it to your cart.


If you find you have a surplus of Soylent you can pause your subscription anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. Once the designated time has passed, your subscription will work like before. We implemented this unique pause feature to allow you to have flexibility in how much Soylent you want at any given time.

Pausing will change when you are charged for your order. Billing starts on and repeats the same day as when you setup the initial subscription.

How to edit your subscription

You can edit your subscription by logging into your Soylent account. Once you’re logged in you can:

  • Edit your billing information
  • Edit your shipping information
  • Pause your subscription
  • Cancel your subscription(s)

If you need assistance making changes to your subscription, please email