What are the glycemic data for Soylent products?

Glycemic data is a measurement of the speed in which a carbohydrate is turned into blood sugar. Each product we make has a separate glycemic level and load because each product has a slightly different amount of sugar contained inside. The glycemic levels and load are low in our products, which means that our food will not cause a massive spike in blood sugar when consumed.

Soylent Powder (v1.8) Glycemic Index: 41 +/- 3

Soylent Powder (v1.8) Glycemic Load: 16 GL per serving


Soylent Drink Original Glycemic Index: 44 +/- 5

Soylent Drink Original Glycemic Load: 16 GL per serving 


Soylent Drink Cacao Glycemic Index: 37 +/- 4

Soylent Drink Cacao Glycemic Load: 14 GL per serving


Soylent Drink Nectar Glycemic Index: 36 +/- 5

Soylent Drink Nectar Glycemic Load: 13 GL per serving


Soylent Cafe Coffiest Glycemic Index: 38 +/- 2

Soylent Cafe Coffiest Glycemic Load: 14 Gl per serving 

All glycemic index and glycemic load data was generated through a third-party clinical trial conducted by GI Labs in Toronto, Canada.