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What are Soylent Powder Flavor Boosts?Updated 2 years ago

Introducing Soylent Powder Flavor Boosts, our newest addition to Soylent Powder. Intended to give your powder shakes a boost of flavor!

How do I use Soylent Flavor Boosts?

  1. Mix one 5g Flavor Boost packet with 90g of Soylent Powder
  2. Add 12 ounces of water (or other liquid beverage of your preference). We recommend using a blender or shaker bottle for the best results!
  3. Adjust flavor strength by adding water or using less than 1 packet of Flavor Boost.
  4. Enjoy your Soylent!

Can I mix Flavor Boosts with Soylent products other than Powder?

We recommend only using Flavor Boosts with Soylent Powder for the best shake. 

Our ready-to-drink products are what is called an emulsion, which is a stable mixture of oil and water. The ingredients in our Flavor Boosts cannot break that emulsion to incorporate itself into the mixture so it clumps and does not mix effectively.

How should I store Flavor Boosts? Is there a “best by” date?

Once you’ve mixed your Soylent Powder, most users choose to refrigerate before enjoying it, though it isn’t required. 

Heat should not cause Soylent to spoil, however, if temperatures go above 110 degrees the vitamins & nutrients may begin to break down over time. 

The "Best By" date listed on your Soylent is not an expiration date but rather the date where we have data for best taste and texture quality. Consuming our product after the “Best By” date should not pose a food safety concern.

Are there any allergens in Flavor Boosts?

The only Flavor Boost with an allergen is our Peanut Butter Flavor Boost, which contains peanuts.

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