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How does a prepaid subscription plan work?Updated 2 years ago

We currently offer 3-month and 6-month prepaid subscription plans for many Soylent products, including our 14oz Complete Meal and Complete Meal Powder products.

Depending on which duration you select, you will receive your set number of cases every month for the duration selected.

For example: if you select a 3-month prepaid subscription for 2 cases of Soylent Creamy Chocolate, you will receive 2 cases of Soylent Creamy Chocolate every month for 3 months.

Why should you set up a prepaid subscription?

  • Largest savings – save up to $16 (29%) per case of Soylent
  • Free shipping on every prepaid subscription order
  • Protection from potential future price increases

Your prepaid subscription will automatically renew for the selected duration upon completion.

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