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How do I store Soylent?Updated a month ago

Soylent that is unopened can be stored at room temperature with a shelf-life of up to 14 months. While most users choose to refrigerate their Soylent before enjoying it, it isn’t required.

Heat should not cause Soylent to spoil, however, if temperatures go above 110 degrees the vitamins & nutrients may begin to lose their potency.

The "Best By" date listed on your Soylent is not an expiration date but rather the date where we have data for best taste and texture quality. Consuming our product after the “Best By” date should not pose a food safety concern.

You may receive an order with a best-by date that is less than a year from when it was purchased, as the product has a 1-year shelf-life from the date of manufacture. Still, the remaining shelf-life that you may experience will vary depending on the demand cycle. 

It's our policy that no consumer receives product with less than 30 days remaining shelf-life from the date of shipment.

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